Specialist Group Coordinators


The following forums have been set up on a trial basis in June 2011, to stimulate and support communication between the Specialist Groups of Wetlands International, including those established under the WI/IUCN SSC Specialist Group network. To participate in the forum, please register at the bottom right of this page (one time registration only).


For the moment, we have set up three Forum groups:


- All Specialist Group Coordinator related issues (log in required),

- Thematic and Freshwater Fish related issues (log in required),

- Waterbird related issues, (centred at the moment around the International Waterbird Census coordination, click here to access this page)


If you have a problem, question or comment, you would like to share with our network, please feel free to add a new topic or join in with ongoing discussions.


For further information, kindly contact Taej Mundkur