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Malcolm Coulter, Co-Chair of the WI / IUCN SSC Stork, Ibis & Spoonbill Specialist Group passes on

28th. February 2013,  Biography click here  

Woodcock and Snipe Specialist Group Number 38 December 2012 just out

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Wader Studies Group Bulletin 120, Jan 2013 just out

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Successful 15th meeting of the WI/IUCN SSC Goose Specialist Group

The meeting was held in the Palace of Congress of Arcachon, France, from 8-11 January 2013. A report will be posted shortly on the WI/IUCN SSC Goose Specialist Group website.

International Crane Meeting calls for Protection of Cranes and Wetlands through sustainable agriculture in NE Asia

In early December 2012, ICF co-organized with Beijing Forestry University an international crane workshop in Beijing and Hunan Province, China. Following the workshop, the WI/IUCN SSC Crane Specialist Group developed a Call for Action for the "Protection of cranes and wetlands through sustainable agriculture in Northeast Asia." More information on ICF website 

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Newsletter of Goose Specialist Group Nov 2012, issue 15

The latest issue of the newsletter is now available for download on http://www.geese.org/gsg/goose_bulletin/Goose%20Bulletin%20issue15.pdf 

Newsletter of the Freshwater Fish Specialist Group Dec 2012 is out

The latest issue of the newsletter is now available for download on the FSG website

1st Workshop on Pelican Research and Conservation in SE Europe 

In May 2012, 16 experts from nine European countries came together to discuss priorities for management of the Dalmatian Pelican Pelecanus crispus and the Great White Pelican Pelecanus onocrotalus encountered in the Western Palearctic at the Pyli Visitor Centre of the Prespa National Park Management Agency. Dr Giorgos Catsadorakis, chairman of the IUCN SSC WI Pelican Specialist Group reports on the outcomes of the meeting here.

3rd Pan-European Duck Symposium and meeting of the Duck Specialist Group

 In April 2012, 83 experts in duck research and conservation from the Wetlands International/ IUCN-SSC Duck Specialist Group, representing 21 countries, met in Jindřichův Hradec, Czech Republic, for the 3rd Pan- European Duck Symposium, a workshop on European seaduck conservation and a meeting of the Nordic Waterbirds and Climate Network. More information will be made available shortly here.

14th Goose Specialist Group Meeting a grand success

The 14th meeting of the Wetlands International/ IUCN-SSC Goose Specialist Group (GSG) held in Steinkjer, Norway between 17–22 April 2012 was a grand success. More information will be made available shortly on http://www.gsg2012.com/


Report of the 7th Woodcock & Snipe Specialist Group Meeting

The 7th Woodcock & Snipe Workshop was held in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) from 16 to 18 May 2011. This meeting was organised by the Office national de la chasse et de la faune sauvage with the financial help of the Embassy of France in Russia and the Russian Association of Hunters and Fishermen. About 50 members of the Wetlands International/ IUCN-SSC Woodcock and Snipe Specialist Group participated in the Workshop in order to review the knowledge on these game species. Twelve countries were represented: Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Switzerland, Estonia, Hungary, France. Due to the venue location, the Russian biologists formed a third of participants.

Thesis Award on Migratory Species Conservation 

The award, amounting to € 10,000 is conferred every three years at the Conference of the Parties to the Convention. The Thesis Award will be presented at the 10th Conference of the Parties in 2011. More information here. 

Report of the hugely successful 13th Goose Specialist Group Meeting

The 13th meeting of the Goose Specialist Group held jointly with the Goose, Swan and Duck Study Group (GSDSG) of northern Eurasia in Elista, Kalmykia (Russian Federation) between 24 and 29 March 2011 was a great success. A post-conference excursion to the Manych Lake on Saturday 29 March 2011 gave participants a chance to look at the steppe and wetland habitats and view the Red-breasted Goose, Lesser-White-fronted Goose, White-headed Duck and many other species that were migrating north at the time. Read more on the meeting   

The Flamingo Specialist Group is now on Facebook (click here) and Twitter(@FlamingoSpecGrp)! And it has a new logo

(for more information about the FSG click here). 

Fifty-five freshwater conservation biologists, research scientists, and specialists from zoos and aquariums, from 21 countries, met in Chester, UK in November for the 4th International Zoo and Aquarium Symposium ‘Global Freshwater Fishes: linking in situ and ex situ actions’. The meeting was hosted by Chester Zoo, the North of England Zoological Society and was held in conjunction with the 7th Annual Meeting of the IUCN Species Survival Commission / Wetlands International Freshwater Fish Specialist Group. For more information click here.




Deeply saddened by the loss of Dr. Brooks Childress, former Chair Flamingo Specialist Group


Wetlands International is deeply saddened to report the loss of one of flamingo conservation's champions. Dr. Brooks Childress, former Chair of the IUCN/SSC Wetlands International Flamingo Specialist Group from November 2004 to July 2010, passed away in the early hours of 22 July 2011. Read more...


Two new species of freshwater fishes discovered in Vanua Levu now internationally recognized. 

Two new scientific papers have been published in the last several months highlighting the discovery of two new species of freshwater fishes unique to Fiji and only known from two river systems in Vanua Levu. Wetlands International –Oceania staff Aaron Jenkins and Kinikoto Mailautoka, made the new discoveries as part of surveys for the Ecosystem Based Management project over the last several years. For more information, click here


   Hippichthys albomaculosus  

Redigobius lekutu 

The Freshwater Fish Specialist Group is organising the 4th International Zoo and Aquarium Symposium - Global Freshwater Fish Conservation: linking in situ and ex situ actions. For more information, click here


Wetlands International regrets the loss of Fang Fang Kullander

As Freshwater Fish SG Regional Vice Chair for China, Fang was a very active and energetic member of the group dedicated to fish conservation. Recently, Fang was fundamental to the success of the National Training Course on Identification and Conservation of Freshwater Fishes, held in the PhilippinesShe passed away late May 2010. To read on, please click here.



World Migratory Bird Day focuses on globally threatened migratory birds. For more details, please click here.


Congratulations to Bart Ebbinge, Goose SG Chair, who has been awarded the Golden Brent Goose Feather Award


Click here for more information


Wetlands International regrets the loss of Herby Kalchreuter

Wetlands International regrets the loss of one of its greatest supporters, Heribert (Herby) Kalchreuter. Herby was the Woodcock and Snipe Specialist Group Chair some years ago. He passed away on 14 March 2010. Wetlands International will very much miss his sense of humour, enthusiasm and dedication to waterbird conservation. To read on, please click here.


"Follow the Bird Project"

Satellite tracking of Purple Herons that breed in the Netherlands and migrate to Western Africa. For more information, click here. 


"Invisible Connections-Why Migrating shorebirds need the Yellow Sea"

For more information, click here.

To purchase and download the book, please click here.