Our Association of Members

Wetlands International is a not-for-profit, global organisation supported by government and NGO membership from all regions of the world.

Wetlands International is an organisation with government and NGO members. 25 Governments and 11 NGOs are members and the membership is growing. View the full list.

Engagement with national governments and key NGOs is one of Wetlands International's greatest strengths, facilitating cooperation between Wetlands International and the countries within which it works. This is crucial in order to deliver joint projects and assist countries in implementing the work plans of the international conventions to which they are signatories.

The Association of Members is an important decision making body of Wetlands International. The delegates of member governments and organisations meet annually to agree and approve the global Strategy of Wetlands International, review the work plan, approve the level of membership dues, agree on the Association's budget and appoint the Board of the Association. Once every three years the delegates of the Association of Members meet face-to-face.

The last one of these meetings was held in September 2014 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. From 2008 onwards, electronic annual general members meetings have been held in between the face-to-face meetings.


Delegates are representatives of sovereign governments and NGO members of the Association. Each member can appoint up to two representatives to the Association of Members, known as delegates. National delegates are nominated by the government agency responsible for wetland conservation and are expected to have scientific training or other experience relevant to Wetlands International's work. 

Ramsar communication

Download the Joint Communication of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and Wetlands International on parties that possibly want to become a member of either the Ramsar convention or Wetlands International.

Membership contact

For more information on Membership, on how to become a member, please contact Janneke Badon Ghijben at +31 (0) 318 660916 or Janneke.BadonGhijben @ wetlands.org

Specialist Groups

The following members are Specialist Group Representatives:


Dr Baz Hughes (waterbird)
Kevin Erwin CSE PSW  (non-waterbird)