Supervisory Council

The Supervisory Council is in charge of the overall supervision of the general course of affairs within Wetlands International and oversees the implementation of its policies and Strategy. The Supervisory Council also appoints the members of the Management Board.  The Supervisory Council meets several times a year. For more information, please read the Accountability Statement (SC).

The Supervisory Council is composed of:

André van der Zande (The Netherlands) - Chair

Noelle Aarts (The Netherlands)

Gonzalo Castro de la Mata (Peru)

Harry Dijksma (The Netherlands)

Kazuaki Hoshino (Japan)

Kathy MacKinnon (United Kingdom) 

Dan Martin (USA)

Eliot Taylor (United Kingdom)

Ania Grobicki - Permanent Observer of the Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention (Switzerland)

Counsellors of Honour

Counsellors of Honour are persons who, having held office within Wetlands International, rendered such valuable services that the Board desires both to honour them and retain their counsel. Currently there are six Counsellors of Honour:

Luc Hoffmann               Chris Kalden             Michael Moser     

Max Finlayson              Stewart Morrison       Jan Ernst de Groot