Wetlands International is a not-for-profit, global organisation supported by government and NGO membership from all regions of the world.

The Management Board represents Wetlands International and is responsible for the daily management and the implementation of the Strategy, working together with the Heads of Office. The Management Board is appointed by the Supervisory Council.

The Supervisory Council is in charge of the overall supervision of the general course of affairs within Wetlands International and oversees the implementation of its policies and Strategy.  It appoints the CEO and COO. 

Most of our offices are locally registered legal entities with their own governance structure.

We have government and NGO members, joined together in an Association of Members. This is an important decision making body of Wetlands International. The member governments and organisations approve the global Strategy of Wetlands International.  

The Board of the Association is appointed by the members of the Association. The individuals on this Board are also the members of the Supervisory Council.

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