Chris Baker: Programme Head Water Resources

Chris Baker is the Programme Head Water Resources Management at Wetlands International. He has a PhD in wetland nitrogen dynamics and functioning from University of Exeter, UK and a BSc in Geography from University College London. Since then he has pursued his passion for wetland science and conservation. Over the last 10 years he has worked for Wetlands International and previous to this with the Wetlands Ecosystems Research Group in the Royal Holloway Institute for Environmental Research, University of London.

As Programme Head Water Resources Management, Chris coordinates an international team that aims to bring wetlands and their services into the everyday planning and management of water resources. He believes this is the best way to ensure that biodiversity and the livelihoods' of dependent communities are maintained in balance with other water uses.

Since joining Wetlands International he has played several different roles, including leading project development, acting as European focal point and his current focus as Head of Programme and Strategy for wetlands and water resources management. In so doing he has involved himself in the development and implementation of some of the organisations foremost work.

Most notably, he led the development of the UNEP-GEF Wings Over Wetland project, co-developed the DGIS funded Wetlands and Poverty Reduction Programme, both ground-breaking and innovative projects in the Wetlands International portfolio. As focal point for the organisation’s work in Europe, he has overseen and supported the development and implementation of projects and programmes in Ukraine, the Black Sea Region and the Russian Federation. In recent years he has developed his leadership in the field of water resources and wetlands supporting and coordinating the development of programmes in Mali, South Asia and West Africa.

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