Jane Madgwick, Chief Executive Officer

Jane has a BSc in Human and Environmental Biology (York) and a MSc in Conservation (University College London). She has worked in ecology and conservation for around 25 years. Jane became CEO of Wetlands International in March 2004.

As CEO, Jane leads an international team to promote and demonstrate the role of wetlands management in sustainable development through a network of 20 offices in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. In the past few years, the organisation has grown significantly and greatly increased its visibility and impact in the field of community-based environmental management and poverty reduction.

This position follows 7 years working internationally for WWF’s Living Waters Programme, mobilising policies and strategies to conserve and restore freshwater and wetlands; 9 years as Conservation Director of a multiple use wetland in the UK, and an early career as an ecological researcher working principally in the UK, Somalia and Australia. She established and directed the WWF Freshwater Programme for Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, coordinating a multi-cultural team of 26 officers and NGO partners across the European continent. This programme was highly influential concerning the EU Water Framework Directive, EU and corporate mining policies and major infrastructure schemes in southern and eastern Europe affecting water and wetlands.

Working for WWF in Australia, Jane served on the Water Resources Board and Natural Resource Management Board for Western Australia. In Australia, Jane led the development of innovative NGO, corporate and government partnerships and programmes to tackle critical water and natural resource management issues in the biologically outstanding ecoregions of Australia’s north and west.


Janneke Badon Ghijben (temporary)
Executive Assistant