Ward Hagemeijer: Corporate Relations Manager

Ward Hagemeijer is the Corporate Relations Manager for Wetlands International since 2000, based in Headquarters in Ede, the Netherlands. He is also the Relationship Manager for the Shell - Wetlands International Partnership.

Trained as an ecologist (Ornithology and Aquatic Ecology) at Nijmegen and Groningen Universities in the Netherlands, Ward has a wealth of experience in applied conservation, biodiversity assessments, monitoring and policy advice, increasingly based on the ecosystem approach, reflecting nearly 25 years of work in this field.

After working for two years on impact assessments at the provincial government level in the Netherlands, he joined a Dutch ornithological NGO, where he led the Research and International Department for 10 years, gathering, analysing and providing information for policy making at various levels of scale, and increasingly at international level. His move to Wetlands International in 2000 allowed a further broadening of his international horizon and shifted his focus from a pure taxonomic group approach to the wider context of wetland ecosystems and the ecosystem approach.

Ward has a senior position with Wetlands International and knows the organisation and its network of offices and expertise very well. He has been through its different levels of expansion and expertise development over the years. He actively participated in shaping the strategy of the organization, including the development of the strategic partnership with Shell.

Contact: Ward.Hagemeijer @ wetlands.org