Diver / Loon Specialist Group

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Description and Aim

Diver/Loon Specialist Group (DLSG) is an association of amateurs and professionals from all parts of the world interested in divers/loons. Our goals are to:

  • Provide an international network of experts on the world’s divers/loons.

  • Stimulate, coordinate and promote diver/loon research and information exchange world-wide

  • Provide research information and advice to Wetlands International/IUCN-SSC and others in support of promoting the conservation management and wise use of divers/loons and their habitats.

Group co-ordination

Mr Neil Burgess

Wildlife Toxicologist

Ecotoxicology & Wildlife Health Division, Science & Technology Branch, Environment Canada

6 Bruce Street, Mount Pearl, Newfoundland & Labrador  A1N 4T3



Structure of the Group

Diver/Loon Specialist Group is an association of volunteer organizations and dedicated individuals, for the protection and preservation of loon populations mainly in the USA (in 14 states where loons breed), Canada and Scandinavia. Over 2000 loon enthusiasts are engaged in various volunteer activities. 

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This Group is engaged actively and continuously to improve world wide loon population estimates and protects habitats of loon populations from excessive human disturbances. 

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