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Internship: Developing global waterbird indicators


Wetlands International is looking for an intern to assist with a project developing indicators from global level waterbird population trend data. The data on which the project is based come from the four editions of the Wetlands International publication Waterbird Population Estimates published in 1994 (WPE1), 1997 (WPE2), 2002 (WPE3) and 2006 (WPE4).

The work will involve compiling indicators based on the WPE database in MS Access, and compiling additional information from published and unpublished sources. The work will also involve testing hypotheses concerning factors influencing population trends.

Applicants should have sound database and data compilation skills and should show close and meticulous attention to detail in their work. Experience of reviewing literature and compiling bibliographies, and an interest in waterbirds and wetlands would be an advantage. Wetlands International offers co-authorship in the publications resulting from this work, and opportunity to undertake original and creative work in a small and enthusiastic team.

Interested? Contact before 5 September

Szabolcs Nagy, Programme Manager – Wetlands and Biodiversity

+31 318 660935


Simon Delany, Senior Technical Officer, Waterbird Conservation:

+31 318 660931