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How can you contribute to this web-based forum and campaign?

We really want (invited) participants to contribute key challenges and solutions on the web-based forum. We will synthesise all input provided to be used in the Round Table segment of the World Wetlands Day event on 31st. Please follow the link and the guidance below:

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1. Please register with the Forum (invited participants only). You will need to provide a username and password. The Administrator will approve your request before you can engage.

2. Once on the Forum, please enter one or more key challenges and related solutions that you see need to be overcome to bring wetlands / natural water infrastructure into the mainstream of business and development. In your text please try to address the following:

  • Why? What do you see as the key challenge(s); please be as specific as possible?
  • Solutions? Specifically what do we need more of; are there:
    • Existing initiative(s) that need to take on the agenda?
    • Existing initiatives that should be scaled up or replicated?
    • New initiatives that fill gaps?
  • Actions? What specific action(s) are needed to make the solutions happen?
  • Who? What opportunities do you see in the coming year, what could your role be and who else is needed?
  • What? Can you provide us with links to further information on your solutions / actions

3. You can also comment on those that others have provided.

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More about the Forum

As the 31st is just a single event, we want to keep the solutions flowing and facilitate an on-going dialogue before, during and after the event – for the entire year. We are seeking to catalyse further initiatives and engagement by sharing this information and stimulating dialogue via this discussion forum and participation in key events. We invite you to join the discussion:

Who: We have invited many people and organisations to participate in the event. Not all could take part so we are opening this Forum to all invitees to the event and a wider network who have expressed an interest to become involved.

Use of the Forum Before the event. We want to generate ideas, priorities, concerns and solutions that help inform the event. Following our guidance, please contribute your opinions on the key challenges and solutions in relation to the issues we are focusing on. These will be compiled and tabled for discussion during the event itself. They will then be used to shape the Agenda for Action to drive our campaign in 2013.

Use of the Forum: After the event. We will continue to stimulate reaction to the issues and discussions that have taken place during the meeting. We will invite you to reflect on our conclusions and contribute further. For those of you unable to attend the event it is an opportunity to still engage.

Just follow the discussion threads under the solutions topic and you can contribute by:
• Starting your own topic thread proposing a solution.
• Replying to an existing solution - commenting on or discussing solutions offered by other participants.

What are solutions?

Solutions can vary –for example to adapt or bring an established solution to bear in a new situation; take a newly recognised innovation to scale; recognise that a new solution is needed to meet a challenge etc. Solutions can in principle be anything from a specific tool up to a larger scale strategic initiative catalysing action in a particular field.

Whilst it is anticipated that participants will share many specific solutions, the priority initiatives will be those that really seek to bring solutions forward in:
• A field of work of particular concern; examples of these might be payment for ecosystem services, environmental flow allocation, public-private- people partnerships, hybrid engineering etc.
• Location-specific and / or habitat-specific initiatives that are representative of wider issues experienced elsewhere and can both make a difference in themselves and serve to stimulate replication.

What is a key challenge to making wetlands or natural infrastructure central to development and business solutions?
What would be your priority solution to achieve this?

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