Millions of waterbirds depend on a chain of healthy wetlands for their migration routes every year. We promote the conservation and sustainable management of wetlands throughout the length of their flyways. 

Healthy wetlands can help to reduce disaster risk and to adapt to impacts of climate change. We aim for the integration of natural ecosystem based solutions in policies and programming for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaption.

Wetlands such as rivers, streams, swamps, lakes, and estuaries play a critical role in supplying and regulating water quantity and quality. Conserving and restoring this natural water infrastructure is a cost-effective investment strategy to increase water security for vulnerable cities and rural communities.



A green (low carbon, energy efficient and socially inclusive) economy has been increasingly seen as a potential panacea for the current environmental, social and economic crisis facing the global community. Our goal is to promote economic development that is harmonious with conservation and sustainable use of wetlands.

Peatlands globally store at least 550 Gigatonnes of carbon and are home to many threatened species. We are dedicated to saving the world’s peatlands. 



NEWS: Scaling-up investments in natural infrastructure at the World Water Forum

On Tuesday 14 April 17:00 - 19:00 we are co-hosting an event with WBCSD on scaling-up investments in natural infrastructure at the 7th World Water For...

BLOG: Scaling-up investments in natural infrastructure

By Jane Madgwick, CEO Wetlands International - Wetlands occur wherever water meets land. These deltas, marshes, rivers, lakes and watersheds are ...

PRESS RELEASE: VCS releases robust accounting framework for REDD+ Projects in Tropical Peatswamps

The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) has approved a comprehensive carbon accounting methodology for REDD+ projects in tropical peatswamp forests. This m...


Wetlands International's voluntary commitments to disaster risk reduction

This document contains Wetlands International’s voluntary commitment to reducing disaster risk for the next 5-10 years. Our commitments are shar... Read more

Brochure Reducing floods and land slides in the Agusan Delta, Philippines

The Red Cross, CARE Netherlands and Wetlands International have joined forces since 2011 to work together on disaster prevention and preparedness in t... Read more

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“Building with Nature Indonesia - Securing eroding Delta Coastlines (Demak-Indonesia)

The initiative "Building with Nature Indonesia" aims to build stable coastlines with reduced erosion risk through a unique integration of ma... Read more

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Wetlands offer cost-effective solutions for sustainable development and disaster risk reduction with wide benefits to society. We are participating in the 7th World Water Forum from 13 - 17 April in South Korea to get the importance of wetlands for natural infrastructure higher on the agenda’s of decision makers. Follow us on Twitter: @WetlandsInt

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