Millions of waterbirds depend on a chain of healthy wetlands for their migration routes every year. We promote the conservation and sustainable management of wetlands throughout the length of their flyways. 

Healthy wetlands can help to reduce disaster risk and to adapt to impacts of climate change. We aim for the integration of natural ecosystem based solutions in policies and programming for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaption.

Wetlands such as rivers, streams, swamps, lakes, and estuaries play a critical role in supplying and regulating water quantity and quality. Conserving and restoring this natural water infrastructure is a cost-effective investment strategy to increase water security for vulnerable cities and rural communities.



A green (low carbon, energy efficient and socially inclusive) economy has been increasingly seen as a potential panacea for the current environmental, social and economic crisis facing the global community. Our goal is to promote economic development that is harmonious with conservation and sustainable use of wetlands.

Peatlands globally store at least 550 Gigatonnes of carbon and are home to many threatened species. We are dedicated to saving the world’s peatlands. 



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Créer des zones humides résilientes au changement climatique pour les oiseaux d’eau et les populations le long de la voie de migration Afrique-Eurasie

Chaque année, des millions d'oiseaux d’eau volent des milliers de kilomètres entre l'Europe et l'Afrique à la recherche de nourritur... Read more

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