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Wetlands International present at UN Climate Talks in Bonn


Bonn, Germany - A team of Wetlands International is present at the UN Climate meeting in Bonn (SBSTA), advocating for wetland conservation in the light of climate change. There we participate in two Side Events and bring our points across in the subsequent Adaptation Fund Board meeting as well. 

At the meeting that runs from June 6 to 17, we promote climate policies that will incentivize wetland conservation and restoration with the aim of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

A critical issue that Wetlands International addresses at this meeting are the land-use emissions attributable to biomass energy production in developed countries (conversion of forests, drainage of wetlands). We also provide background and recommendations specifically on peatlands with regard to REDD+ modalities and guidelines to be developed by the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA). In our policy brief to Parties of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) these points are described in detail.

Adaptation Fund Board

Directly after this summit, we will be present at the meeting of the UNFCCC Adaptation Fund on June 19. There we promote support for wetlands in their role for adapting to climate related extreme weather events, like floods due to extreme rainfall. This meeting is part of a dialogue with civil society, which will be held for the first time prior to the subsequent board meetings.

Together with other partners we highlight the importance of incorporating or making the role of strategic impact assessments more visible and relevant to assessing proposals submitted to the Board. This is of great importance as during this 14th meeting as the Board will review its Operational Policies and Guidelines.

These new Climate Talks are continuing work from agreements made in Cancun, Mexico last year.

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