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Call for Submissions: European River Restoration Conference 2013


Ede, the Netherlands - Wetlands International and partners in European river restoration are inviting submissions for the European River Restoration Conference 2013. Join us as we share and learn about the successes, challenges and opportunities for river restoration in Europe. The conference, organised by the European Centre for River Restoration (ECRR) and the RESTORE partners in European river restoration, will feature the 1st European River Prize for excellence in river management, awarded by the International River Foundation.

Announcing the 5th European River Restoration Conference

The 5th European River Restoration Conference will be held in Vienna, 11–13 September 2013. You can provide your river restoration case study summaries and session proposals until 15 April 2013 on the conference website (
The conference will showcase inspiring examples of river restoration. It brings together key policy makers and restoration practitioners to discuss opportunities for ecological river restoration to achieve a number of environmental, economic and social objectives. Featured sessions include how river restoration can help:


1. Realising European policy ambitions
2. Cost-effective solutions to water resource management challenges
3. Sustainable flood risk management
4. Re-balancing water use benefits
5. Ensuring environmental resilience; green infrastructure
6. Enhancement of multi-use landscapes
7. Maintaining water supply
8. Maintaining and enhancing European biodiversity
9. Tools and resources to support River Restoration
10.Ensuring local sustainability
11. River Restoration: A shared challenge


European River Prize – now open for applications

The 1st European River Prize for excellence in river management will be awarded during the conference by the International River Foundation (IRF). The application process for this prestigious award is open to interested organisations until 29 March 2013. See the IRF website for more information and the application.

Plotting a sustainable course for Europe’s rivers

The 5th European River Restoration Conference is taking place at a time when rivers in Europe are at a critical juncture. Maintaining and restoring the ecological functions of rivers in light of growing demands for water, energy and food, and increasing pressures from climate change and infrastructure development are growing challenges.
At the same time, there are new opportunities and increasing grounds for optimism. The role of maintaining and restoring river ecosystems to achieve water policy objectives, climate change resilience, improved quality of life measures and economic development are being recognised in new policy initiatives such as green infrastructure and the Blueprint to safeguard Europe’s waters. Large scale river restoration therefore needs increased uptake in order to deliver these multiple benefits.
The keynote sessions, case studies, best practices, knowledge sharing, tools and networking opportunities will be indispensable in including river restoration in policies and practices in Europe.
This conference is made possible with the contribution of the LIFE+ financial instrument of the European Community through the RESTORE project

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