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Entries for January 2005

30-Jan-2005, views: 1160

The keynote technical presentations at the recent Board of Members meeting were grouped into four priority goal areas of our work, namely Wetlands and Global Water Agenda, Wetlands and Ecological Networks, Wetlands and Livelihoods, and Wetlands Knowledgebase.

30-Jan-2005, views: 1290

Manuals have been prepared for Coordinators and Counters of the International Waterbird Census.

24-Jan-2005, views: 1281

Integrated Water Resources Management in Urmia Lake Basin, Iran Lake Urmia (5000 km2) is one of the most important and valuable aquatic ecosystems in Iran, and because of its unique natural features it has been declared a National Park, Ramsar site and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

24-Jan-2005, views: 1101

The first workshop of the Wetlands and Poverty Reduction Group was held on August 27th 2004 at the Wetlands International Wageningen Office in the Netherlands. The workshop was well attended by representatives from the development assistance and the environmental sector.

20-Jan-2005, views: 1050

For example, the recovery and re-habilitation of mangroves and linked coastal and marine habitats will be vital to increase coastal protection and support coastal fisheries.

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