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Protection of Green Coast demonstration sites in Aceh requested from Provincial Governor


Green Coast partners in Aceh (Wetlands International and WWF) have submitted an official request to Aceh Provincial Government to endorse, support and protect the 11 Green Coast demonstration sites after the partners will be phased out Mid 2009.

 On behalf of the local NGO partners involved in the Green Coast program in Aceh, Wetlands International Indonesia (WIIP) and WWF are developing and implementing a so-called ‘responsible exit strategy’. As the Green Coast program in Aceh will be completed mid 2009, there is a need for long term endorsement and protection from the Aceh Government of the Green Coast demonstration sites, having high ecological and economic values.

Since September 2005, Wetlands International Indonesia, together with WWF Indonesia, has facilitated 31 local NGOs and 29 independent Community Groups in coastal ecosystem and livelihoods rehabilitation after the tsunami disaster in Aceh & Nias.

In total, Green Coast has worked in 70 coastal locations: 54 community-based restoration projects were completed after Phase I (ended March 2007) and work in a further 16 sites started under Phase II (April 2007 to March 2009). Over this period of time, 1.85 million seedlings of coastal plants and mangroves were planted in Nias and Aceh. About 83% of the seedlings survived, leading to the rehabilitation of more than 1000 hectares of coastal areas.

Financial capital, provided to the local communities in return for their involvement in the replanting, was invested in small businesses and economic activities and local communities were also trained in managing some of the revenues as revolving funds. This has led to improved livelihoods and increased income of over 15.880 persons.

Within the 16 locations under Green Coast Phase II, WIIP carried out a biophysical and socio-economic study and identified 11 ecological and economic valuable sites that have good potential for community managed eco-tourism and environmental education. In their letter to the governor of Nangroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) province, WIIP argued that the 11 selected sites should serve as models for other coastal locations in NAD, Nias and elsewhere in Indonesia.

Therefore, they requested that the locations:

  • Receive an official written acknowledgement from the NAD and Nias Provincial Governments about the values and benefits these sites provide for the environment and community, and that this will be widely announced. 
  • Receive support that enables them to continue in existence and be properly maintained
  • Bbe optimally utilised as venues for eco-tourism and as a mode of environmental education for the community

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