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Post-tsunami environmental restoration project gets extra boost


Green Coast is a tsunami response project, aiming at rehabilitating livelihoods of affected communities by restoring coastal ecosystems such as mangrove forest and marine resources.

Last week, Oxfam NOVIB approved another 750.000 Euro for a second phase of Green Coast in Aceh. This follow up project will focus on the creation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management demonstration sites, to show sustainable management solutions for coastal ecosystem degradation.

Green Coast partners will also facilitate the formation of a coastal community- and NGO network to ensure bottom up information flow on rehabilitation priorities at the vulnerable coasts of Aceh. This input will be used to influence large scale investors such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank to take community and coastal ecosystem interests into account in their planning, reconstruction and development of Aceh. Through promoting Green Reconstruction Guidelines, much attention is already generated for environmental concerns in the whole reconstruction process of Aceh.

Thanks to its community-based approach, science base and strong partnership, Green Coast has been able to achieve tangible results in a short time span. Over the last 18 months, Green Coast partners in Aceh re-established more than 600 hectare of mangrove & coastal forest and supported 60 affected communities with financial and technical support to rebuild their livelihoods. The total budget spent by Green Coast Aceh in 2005/2006 amounts to 1.2 million Euro.

For more information on the Green Coast Project click here


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