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Wetlands International thanks Head of Office Malaysia


Sundari is a well loved office Director and a prominent member of Wetlands International's global team. Apart from her practical and intelligent approach to life and work, Sundari has always kept a sense of fun and has been cheerful, optimistic and constructive when approaching the challenges facing Wetlands International in Malaysia, the region and globally.

Over many years of dedicated hard work, Sundari has helped to establish credibility and respect for Wetlands International’s work in the South East and South Asian regions. She was especially successful in encouraging the Malaysian government to become a member of Wetlands International by demonstrating effective partnership.  For example, Sundari showed how Malaysia’s first Ramsar Site, Tasek Bera, could also be a potent tool for awareness raising and capacity building for the wise use of wetlands.  Two excellent, recent products come to mind as special contributions of Sundari:  the Kuala Gula wetlands story and the Field Guide to the Fish of Tasek Bera Ramsar Site, Pahang, Malaysia.  Sundari has also made a significant contribution championing the role of women in natural resource management. Her recent region-wide assignment on policy aspects of the Green Coast project (for people and nature after the tsunami) has demonstrated her resourcefulness, communications skills and teamwork. Sundari has been an engaging and resourceful colleague who has attracted particular admiration as a manager and a capacity builder. Her contributions are much appreciated by all and she will be missed, but not forgotten by Wetlands International. We wish her every success in her new life based in Australia. 
The acting director of the Malay office is Sanath Kumaran.

From Jane Madgwick, CEO on behalf of the Wetlands International staff team

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