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The Global Peatland Initiative has received an official invitation from the Dutch DGIS/Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Mega support for peatlands of Central Kalimantan, Indonesia We are pleased to report that the Global Peatland Initiative (GPI) has received an official invitation from the Dutch DGIS/Ministry of Foreign Affairs to lead the development of a proposal for the implementation of the Central Kalimantan Peat Swamp Rehabilitation and Management Programme.

DGIS has identified the GPI as a short to medium term facility to assist planning, technical support, funding disbursement and internal monitoring of interventions of the project. The GPI is a global partnership of NGOs, science agencies and private sector concerned with the wise use and conservation of peatlands. Its Steering Committee involves the International Mire Conservation Group (IMCG), the International peat society (IPS), IUCN-Netherlands Committee, the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, Alterra (Secretariat) and Wetlands International (Chair + administration). The GPI has, as one of its activities over the past years, implemented a global small grant scheme for promoting and supporting wise use and conservation of peatlands, financed by DGIS (Euro 1.5 million) and co-financed (> 3.5 million Euro) by many donors around the world. For more information on the GPI and projects it financed in the past (including some projects in Central Kalimantan), please see The total available budget for the Central Kalimantan project is 5 million Euro for a period of 2 years. The proposal will build on the findings of a DGIS consultant who carried out a mission to Indonesia/Central Kalimantan in February/March this year. The GPI chair and secretariat, Wetlands International and Alterra, will be working in the coming weeks to develop the proposal in consultation with local stakeholder organisations and government. The proposal will primarily focus on the implementation modalities of the programme, identifying roles and mechanisms and options for a rapid and smooth project mobilisation. The latter is crucial in view of the expected dry season and related urgent needs for fire prevention and fire fighting. For more information, please contact Marcel Silvius, Wetlands International, or Herbert Diemont, GPI Secretariat,

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