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Myanmar organises education programme for the conservation of waterbirds and wetlands


From 22 August to 4 September, the Myanmar Bird & Nature Society undertook an Education Program for Waterbird and Wetland Conservation in and around Inle Wetland Bird Sanctuary in East Myanmar. This project is mainly aimed towards school children and their teachers with the purpose of motivating them to cooperate in the conservation of waterbirds and wetlands.

The focus is on instructing teachers and students at Basic Education High Schools and Primary Schools. The project involved four educators and seven volunteer teaching assistants from the Myanmar Bird & Nature Society and Inle Wetland Bird Sanctuary of Nature & Wildlife Conservation Division, Forest Department. In total, 15 schools and 4075 students including 230 teachers were involved. The parents of the school children were also very interested in this Education Program and 146 of them participated as an audience. This is an extremely important because the general public lacks proper awareness on the benefits and importance of birds for nature and humanity. A Second Education Program for Bird and Nature Conservation was carried out in 13 schools at Popa Mountain Park from 27 September to 4 October. In this project, the organisers cooperated with the staff of the Popa Mountain Park and teachers. These education programmes are funded by the Oriental Bird Club, UK,

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