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Launch of new Shorebird Sister Site MOU between Yalu Jiang National Nature Reserve and the Firth of Thames, Miranda Shorebird Centre in New Zealand


Waterbirds, especially shorebirds are an important part of the environment, and of extremely important value to science, culture, recreation and economic development for many communities. Tidal flats around the Yellow Sea in north-east Asia are crucial feeding areas during northward and southward flights for over 5 million shorebirds that migrate every year between the Arctic and Australasia.

Wetlands in eastern China are in fact the most important staging area for shorebirds in the flyway. In order to protect waterbirds and their habitats, we must expand our reach of education and awareness and strengthen international cooperation. With large support from Wetlands International, the Yalu Jiang National Nature Reserve and the Miranda Naturalist Trust both agreed to develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a new Sister Sites Partnership. This signing Ceremony for the Sister Sites MOU has taken place on 26 April in Dandong City, Lioaning Province, China. A total of 50 participants were present, among whom shorebird experts and representatives from New Zealand, Australia, Korea, Holland, and China government agencies such as the China State Environment Protection Agency, Environmental Protection Bureau, Liaoning Province, and the Dandong City government. Special guests including the Macau Ecology Society Chairman, He Weitian, and the State Environment Protection Agency Director, Zhuang Guotai joined representatives from several other wetland site managers from around China to participate in a workshop on wetland and shorebird conservation management at Yalu Jiang.

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