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Save the Wetlands launch in Malaysia


With the launch (ceremony) of Save the Wetlands volume 5 (formerly Wetland Wonders) on 7 August 2001, HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad (HSBC) and the New Straits Times Press have once again shown their comm...
With the launch (ceremony) of Save the Wetlands volume 5 (formerly Wetland Wonders) on 7 August 2001, HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad (HSBC) and the New Straits Times Press have once again shown their commitment and support to the conservation of wetlands and the environment. The successful launch began with the arrival of guests and VIPs including YB Datuk Ahmad Talib, Group Editor of the New Straits Times, Mr John Coverdale; Executive Director and Deputy Chief Executive of HSBC Bank Malaysia, Dr Sundari Ramakrishna, Director of Wetlands International-Malaysia Programme and Dr Taej Mundkur, Executive Director of Wetlands International-Asia Pacific. Mr John Coverdale gave a nostalgia-tinged speech which recalled the four years that this wetland supplement has been in existence. First initiated in 1997, the supplement was called 'Wetland Wonders' and the term 'wetlands' was very much a mystery to most people. Since then, 48 issues have been published with resounding success in increasing the awareness among the Malaysian public on wetlands and in changing their perception and attitude towards this unique habitat. Meanwhile, Dr Sundari too echoed his view that the supplement is crucial as an excellent educational tool to help the public understand the need to stop the destruction of our precious wetlands. For the fifth volume, Wetland Wonders adopted a new title, look and feel to make wetlands more relevant to every Malaysian's life. Instead of “Wetland Wonders” the title, one might say slogan, is now a call to action, “Save the Wetlands”. The supplement is also specially designed to appeal directly to HSBC staff, customers and school children. Special Save the Wetlands posters, postcards and bookmarks will be distributed to school children with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education. A nice touch was given to the launch of Save the Wetlands mascot, Hemat. Accompanied by the sound of festive music, Hemat the Hermit Crab rolled out from hiding behind the launch display board at the touch of a button. Many a VIP and other distinguished guests laughed in good cheer and there was a warm feeling of camaraderie in the air. It was in this relaxed atmosphere that the distinguished guests took photos with a revamped Hemat, new, fresher and more appealing to younger people. Soon after, refreshments were served simultaneously with a press conference. The press was represented by reporters from the New Straits Times, the Star and others. Radio Television Malaysia was also present and Dr Sundari gave a good interview with them. The publicity has truly made a difference as Wetlands International-Malaysia Programme received very positive feedback and enquiries from the public who are very keen in learning more about wetlands and their conservation. The first issue of Save the Wetlands was slated for publication in August 2001

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