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Wetlands International presents future plans at World Wetlands Day event


Netherlands, 2 Feb. 2012. With a well attended event in The Hague, the Netherlands, Wetlands International presented its plans for the coming years. Different speakers showed the effective approach of the organisation as a broker between science, policy and practice; between field level challenges and global trends and solutions and between different sectors and interests.

The event took place in The Hague, Yesterday the 2nd of February on World Wetlands Day. It was well attended by Dutch politicians, partners, and donors; an illustration of the good network of the organisation in the host country, but also of the importance of the Dutch networks for our global work.
Jan-Ernst de Groot, former Managing Director of KLM and since 2011 chairman of Wetlands International emphasised the need as well as opportunities to work with the corporate sector. He stated the growing recognition of many companies of their dependence on natural resources and their willingness to go for more sustainable operations.

Jane Madgwick, CEO of Wetlands International showed the impressive list of  achievements on policy levels as well as in the field. the specific and very relevant role of Wetlands International as a broker of know how between science, field level practices and policies. She presented the organisation’s mission of sustaining wetlands; not for their own sake, but for their local role for people’s daily needs, for water regulation and for climate mitigation and resilience.

Bart Fokkens, former Director of the Ministry of Public Works and now Associate Expert of the organisation praised the very effective approach of the organisation in mobilising knowledge and raising the capacity of people on the ground.

Click here for the complete speech of CEO Jane Madgwick.

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