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Global carbon markets now open to Wetland Restoration and Conservation


Ede, the Netherlands - Wetlands International welcomes the approval of the new carbon trading category “Wetlands Restoration and Conservation” (WRC) by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). The new category provides a strong incentive for private investment in conservation and restoration of carbon rich wetlands.

The Verified Carbon Standard’s new carbon trading category enables the measuring and crediting of climate benefits from a broad range of wetlands, including mangroves, freshwater tidal coastal wetlands, salt marshes, seagrasses, floodplains, peatlands, and other wetland types. The creation of this new category opens the door to increased private investment in wetland restoration and conservation projects through the issuance of internationally recognised carbon credits.

“Including wetlands in the global carbon market provides a much needed incentive for their conservation and restoration”, explained Marcel Silvius, Head of Programme and Strategy for Wetlands and Climate at Wetlands International. “The VCS should be commended for its vanguard role in creating a standard that includes all wetland types, including coastal ecosystems”.
Wetlands contain vast amounts of carbon and provide important ecosystem services, including food, fuel and fibre. They are disproportionately important for global biodiversity. However, wetlands are very vulnerable to over-exploitation, drainage and conversion. The rate of loss and deterioration of wetlands is accelerating in all regions of the world. For example, peatland degradation contributes globally to some 6% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

About VCS

The Verified Carbon Standard is a greenhouse gas accounting programme used by projects around the world to verify and issue carbon credits in voluntary markets. VCS is the leader in the voluntary carbon market with a 58 percent global share. It is considered by many market and policy professionals as the most sought-after certification in the world today.
For more information, please see Restore America’s Estuaries’ press release and factsheet on coastal blue carbon.
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