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NEWS: River restoration for flood management in the Iberian Peninsula


Zaragoza. Experts from Spain and Portugal discussed how to restore rivers and manage landscapes to reduce flooding risks and impacts. At the same event prizes were awarded to the best short stories, poems and pictures about rivers.


The workshop River Restoration for Flood Management: Debate about new social and environmental approaches in river restoration and good and bad practices in flood management, organised by Wetlands International, the Iberian Centre for River Restoration (CIREF) and the University of Zaragoza, took place on the 16th and 17th of May.

The workshop  included 3 presentations by river restoration experts from Portugal and Spain, which served as a basis for plenary discussions with the participants, addressing issues such as land-use planning for flood management, river restoration as a management tool, and post-flooding interventions.

The discussions were complemented by a field trip to the river Ésera in the Ebro basin, to see and discuss the impacts of the flooding that took place in June 2013 and some of the restoration measures that were implemented by the Water Authorities and Regional Administrations.

Finally, the winners of a photography, poetry and short story contest were announced.

Read more about the workshop here.


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