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Wetlands and the Copenhagen climate summit


Wetlands International is present at the UN Cilmate Summit in Copenhagen. The outcomes of this summit may have a great impact on the future protection and restoration of wetland areas. We offer you direct updates via our website and via Twitter.

What is at stake
Whether in Copenhagen a new climate deal will agreed upon or not, the proceedings in the negotiations may have a great impacts on the question if the world will seriously address the alarming loss of forests and wetlands and their carbon stocks. Many proposals of different countries are on the agenda, making the options below all still possible.

A very disastrous outcome would be if the focus remains on fossil fuel emissions only. Roughly 20% of all carbon dioxide emissions, mainly caused by wetland (peatland) and forest degradation and loss will remain ignored.

A second also disastrous outcome may be that support is given to deforestation only (a marginal defenition of REDD), without caring about soil carbon, wetlands or other ecosystems. With such a policy, we will see a boost for commercial tree plantations including pulp wood and palm oil. Often at the cost of natural forests, wetlands and their organic (peat) soils and often with even increased carbon losses.

Our aim – mitigation

Wetlands International advocates for mandatory accounting in developed countries of all carbon losses from land use catagories, including wetlands and their carbon rich organic peatsoils. For developing countries, support should be given to reduce emissions due to degradation and loss of  forests and also unforested wetlands and (peat) soil carbon. Safeguards should be formulated to not only focus on carbon but to also to respect the rights of local people and to care about biodiversity.

Our aim – adaptation

With the capacity of wetlands to store large quantities of water after heavy rainfall and release this gradually in a stable flow, wetlands like marshes and lakes have proven to be key areas to help the world to adapt to climate change impacts. Wetlands International therefore proposes to prevent the further loss of key-wetland ecosystems in the light of climate change adaptation.

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Wetlands International has been present at all UNFCCC meetings of this and previous years. Thanks to this, good draft texts are now on the agenda. A small global team of different offices  is present at this climate summit to advocate for a good climate deal.

Go to to see more about our presence in Copenhagen: our side events, materials, detailed policy brief. All presentations, press releases will be displayed on this web area.

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