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Wetlands International renews cooperation with Ramsar Convention


Geneva – Wetlands International has renewed its cooperation with the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands on May 19th through the signing of a new Memorandum of Cooperation for the period 2011-2017. The organisation sees an important future for the convention, with increased focus on the services such as water security that wetlands provide to people.

Wetlands International - the only global non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection and restoration of wetlands - is one of five International Organisation Partners (IOPs) of the Ramsar Convention. Its predecessor organisation (International Waterfowl & Wetlands Research Bureau - IWRB) was instrumental in the conception of the Ramsar Convention and was there at the birth in Iran in 1971.

During the session of the Ramsar 42nd Standing Committee meeting Jane Madwick, CEO of Wetlands International gave a speech on behalf of the other International Organisation Partner (IOP) representatives: Jim Leape, Director General of WWF International; Deborah Bossio, team leader at IWMI; Julia Marton-Lefèvre, Director-General of IUCN; and Marco Lambertini of BirdLife International. Together they signed the new Memorandum of Cooperation in front of the Regional Representatives of the Standing Committee of the Ramsar Convention. Read her entire speech and the joint statement presented by Jane Madgwick..

As a joint initiative in the coming year, the Ramsar Convention and its Technical body STRP, together with the IOPs, aim to bring together knowledge and call attention to the economic value of wetlands providing ecosystem services to people. At the next Ramsar COP, the possibility to  designate Ramsar Sites on the basis on for instance their role for providing water security will be discussed.

The IOPs welcome this trend: Jane Madgwick, CEO of Wetlands International added that: “the planned future focus of Ramsar on valuing ecosystem services, and on the vital role of wetlands in relation to water, disasters, energy and poverty is strongly welcomed.”

About the Ramsar Convention:

The Convention on Wetlands was signed in Ramsar, Iran in 1971 is an intergovernmental treaty that embodies the commitments of its member countries to maintain the ecological character of their Wetlands of International Importance and to plan for the "wise use", or sustainable use, of all of the wetlands in their territories.

Unlike other global environmental conventions, Ramsar is not affiliated with the United Nations system of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEA), but it works very closely with the other MEAs and is a full partner among the "biodiversity-related cluster" of treaties and agreements.

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