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Launch interactive documentary about global nature restoration


Amsterdam - IUCN Dutch committee launches an interactive platform for video stories about the power of nature restoration, called What if we change. Wetlands International is one of the partners in this platform with an innovative nature restoration project in the Inner Niger Delta in Mali.


The platform shows what happens to people when they can make their barren land fertile again or nearly extinct animals flourish again. Users of the platform cannot only participate by watching the videos, but also by interacting with the reporters on the platform. Users can upload videos, ask questions, share ideas and thus contribute to the documentary.


Four reporters on three continents tell the stories of a changing environment in Mali's Inner Niger Delta, the Bolivian Amboro National Park, Lac Bay, Bonaire and the area of ​​Meghalaya, India. The reporters are the eyes and ears of the users of the platform. Their job is to provide insight into the daily reality of people that improve their livelihoods through nature restoration. Users of can direct the reporters and through co-creation they can contribute to the online documentary and also to an offline conventional documentary on nature restoration.



The renowned nature filmmaker John D. Liu also contributes. In search of sustainability, he travels the world with his camera. Liu has taught many people worldwide to understand the natural systems on which our lives depend. "Many of these systems are severely threatened. Collective action is needed to protect them where they are still intact, or to restore them where they are damaged, "said Liu.


Innovative partnership

What if we change is an innovative partnership between conservationists and media makers. What if we change is an initiative of IUCN NL, in partnership with environmental filmmaker John D. Liu, IUCN ambassador for Ecosystem Restoration, conservation organisations Wetlands International, the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance, the Wildlife Trust of India, Fundacíon Natura in Bolivia and a team of dedicated Dutch mediamakers, The Loefflab Foundation.


What if we change is made possible by the generous support of the National Postcode Lottery.


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