Annual IWC National Counts Total 2012: African-Eurasian region
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15 Jan 2013 02:24 PM  
We have now published the African-Eurasian IWC Annual National Count Totals report for 2012. This report summarises waterbird counts for each contributing country in the African-Eurasian region of the IWC. Please note that these totals represent the numbers counted per species per country and in most cases should not be interpreted as the actual national species totals. The report covers the years 2009-2012 and includes data from the IWC January census, the African Mid-year (July) census and special European Goose Counts in January and November.

Included with the report are an overview of the IWC in 2012 and a list of contributing National Coordinators and their organisations. We are extremely grateful for the continued efforts and support of these National Coordinators and their network of counters, who are often collecting and providing this valuable information in their own time.


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