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IWC national coordinators can post small project ideas or proposals under this topic thread. This topic thread is not linked to any funding mechanism and posting here does not guarantee that funding will be found. However, proposals posted here will be seen by a wide audience and may stimulate useful feedback, collaborations or possibly financial support. Potential donors are also envouraged to view this thread for opportunities to provide financial support.

We strongly recommend that posts are kept short and the following information is provided:

- Proposed project title
- Geographic area of the project
- Lead individual(s) organisation and partners
- Brief description of project, c. 100 words
- Brief outline of project needs (training, equipment etc.), c. 100 words
- Time-frame of project
- Expected outcomes (reports, reviews, action plans etc.

Some common examples of possible projects include:

- analysing and publishing the results of long term national waterbird monitoring data
- organise national trainings
- organise a total country waterbird count
- producing digitised site boundaries and site protocols

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