The KuALA network

Wetlands International – Indonesia Programme and WWF-Indonesia since October 2007 facilitated the development of a coastal network for Aceh province, called the KuALA network. The KuALA network currently has 20 members, of which most are Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) and Community Based Organisations (CBO) active under Green Coast 1. Check the KuALA leaflet for a list of the member organisations

Role of the network

The role of the KuALA network is to advocate for the preservation and rehabilitation of coastal ecosystems serving local communities well-being. To achieve this goal the network focuses on three main areas of activities:

  • Encourage the development of a public policy on coastal and marine management
  • Encourage local communities take their role as main stakeholders in natural resources management
  • Strengthen the coastal monitoring network by looking for sustainable funding sources

KuALA website

The KuAla members have been trained on website management and have developed a website. This website is designed to keep members and interested people informed on the status of their activities. For more information read the KuALA leaflet or visit the website:


Click here to download the leaflet on the Kuala Network.

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