Changing policies

Green Coast also engages in policy work to influence government policies on coastal and marine resources management. The policy work has three different components:
  1. Review and analysis of existing government and costumary laws and development of new policies on coastal and marine resources management. This review has been done in 2006 and 2007 and a final report of this analysis has been published early 2008 and can be downloaded from this site. Green Coast partners are currently developing new policy on coastal and marine management for Nias 

  2. Facilitation and strengthening of a coastal NGO network. The 20 KuALA network members have been trained to investigate and monitor coastal developments and to organize and empower local communities in the protection of coastal resources 
  3. Policy dialogues and advocacy to minimize environmental damage from infrastructural projects in coastal areas. In 2007, an assessment has been made of potential environmental and social impact of ongoing and planned infrastructual projects in coastal areas in Aceh and Nias. The final report can be downloaded from this site.