Green Coast II in Aceh, Indonesia: for nature and people after the tsunami

This programme of Wetlands International, WWF, IUCN and Both ENDS has been active in Aceh since July 2005, to rehabilitate livelihoods of the tsunami affected communities by restoring coastal ecosystems (coastal forest and marine resources). Per March 2007, this resulted in 60 community led restoration projects, benefitting 43,000 people and a total 600 hectares of coast successfully reforested with mangroves and other coastal vegetation.

In April 2007, Oxfam/NOVIB approved another 1 million euro funding from DEC in the UK and Oxfam International for a second phase of Green Coast in Aceh until December 2008. This follow up project focuses on the establishment of Green Coast demonstration sites to show sustainable management solutions for coastal ecosystem degradation. Green Coast Aceh partners WWF-Indonesia and  Wetlands International Indonesia Program (WI-IP) work to:

  • Strengthen coastal resilience and sustainability of livelihoods in Aceh through establishment of 16 coastal rehabilitation projects with tangible benefits to local livelihoods and links with improved natural resource management. App. 17,000 people will benefit from 530 hectares restored coastal forest and a strengthened natural buffer function.
  • Prevent further environmental damage by reconstruction activities and promote alternative, sustainable development options.(click to ‘changing policies’). A Green Coast Aceh network of civil society groups will be formed to increase information flow on threats to coastal ecosystems and on reconstruction plans. Capacities of local traditional institutions will be strengthened and policy dialogues will be held with BRR and key agencies engaged in coastal reconstruction. Specific technical inputs will be provided to the design and EIA stages of reconstruction plans. 
  • Dissemination of lessons learned on coastal rehabilitation and Best Practices Guidelines for Green Coast