The tsunami...a big shock!

The tsunami on 26 December 2004 truly shocked the Malaysians. Considered to be outside the earthquake zone, people were not prepared and did not know what to do.

Nonetheless, Malaysia was very fortunate that only the backwave of the tsunami hit the coastline. And although almost 70 people lost their lives, and many fishing boats and houses were destroyed, the impact of the tsunami has been far less than in the neighbouring countries.

Restoring coastal ecosystems

But the tsunami did make people realise how vulnerable they were, and how destroying the natural barriers might have worsened this disaster. The Green Coast project aims to restore coastal ecosystems and provide natural shelter and other benefits and services to people that live in vulnerable coastal regions.

Working in collaboration

We work together with partner organisations to assess the impact of the tsunami on ecosystems and livelihoods, as well as local communities' views and rights. Furthermore, we try to influence governments and the corporate sector to sustainably manage and restore coastal natural resources.

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