About Banten Bay & Pemalang (Java, Indonesia)

In Java, Indonesia, we are working in two sites namely Banten Bay (Banten province) and Pemalang district (Central Java Province). Java is the most populated island in Indonesia.

Banten Bay, Banten province

In Banten Bay, our work is focused on the Pulau Dua Natural Reserve. Embracing an area of 30 hectares, this protected area is administratively managed by the Sawah Luhur village. This is the last mangrove forest in this region, home of wildlife, and annual destination for migratory birds. Sawah Luhur village covers a total area of 1,894 hectares, of which 515 ha (27.19%) is devoted to  shrimp pond aquaculture. The population of Sawah Luhur village in 2008 reached 7,512 persons, comprising 3,340 males (44.5%) and 4,172 females (55.5%), with a population density of 397 persons per km2 (Monografi Desa Sawah Luhur, 2008).

Pesantren village, Pemalang district

In the Pemalang district, our work focuses on Pesantren village. It covers an area of 1,403 hectares, where 30.4 % of the land (427.1 ha) has been devoted to shrimp pond aquaculture. The total population of Pesantren village is 10,909 people comprising of 5,503 men and 5,406 womena. In this village, we strongly demonstrate the silvofishery practice through implementing the BioRights approach.  Read more on Biorights - uniting microcredit with environmental services


Location of Banten Bay, Java, Indonesia