Livelihoods & abandoned shrimp pond restoration in Java, Indonesia

Abandoned shrimp ponds in Java are a threat to local populations’ health and make the coastal areas vulnerable to strong winds, tidal floods, salt water intrusion and abrasion. Wetlands International works to demonstrate how practical poverty reduction and livelihood development can go hand in hand with wetland rehabilitation to support community food security and health. Read more on the abandoned shrimps ponds


In addition, project we to promote recognition of the wetlands’ ecosystems functioning’s roles a various governmental levels, from district, provincial to national policies on climate change adaptation and mitigation. Read more on our work


We work together with our local partners the Mitra Bahari Community Group (in Pemalang) and KPAPPD or Nature Lover Community Group at Pulau Dua (in Banten Bay). Read more on the areas



This video is from our work on the Green Coast programme with partners restoring mangroves in five Tsunami affected countries in Southeast Asia. Read more on this work on the Green Coast pages.