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Avian Influenza: preparing countries on an outbreak

Avian Influenza project (HPAI): FAO technical cooperation programme on enhancing the readiness of countries in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe for the arrival of Avian Influenza through wild birds.

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Mali, Inner Niger Delta

Wetlands International investigated the availability and need for water in the inland 'Inner Niger Delta' in Mali and upstream. This resulted in an advice for a more optimal use of the precious water in this dry area and on the use of the current and proposed dams upstream for hydropower and irrigation.


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Wetlands and Poverty Reduction

This programme aimed to improve policies so that they include the role of wetlands for poverty reduction; especially in developing countries.

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Southern Kenya – Kimana wetlands

This project in Southern Kenya tries to solve increasing conflicts between different groups of people and between people and wildlife over water and over the use of the Kimana wetlands.  

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Malawi and Zambia: Simlemba wetlands

The project aim is to teach villagers how to take good care of the dambo and the surrounding landscape and how that will lead to more and long terms benefit for people.

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