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Migratory Birds for People programme

The Migratory Birds for People programme consists of more than 16 partner wetland visitor centres across Europe and West Africa, forming a network that follows the flight path of many migratory wetland birds species. These centres are working together to share best practice and develop new approaches to delivering waterbird and wetland messages to their visitors. The lead group consists of the Dutch Staatsbosbeheer, Wetland Link International, and Wetlands International. For more information visit the programme website.

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Wetland Centre at the Sebezhsky National Park

The project was aimed to increase awareness (locally and regionally) of the ecological and socio-economic functions and values of wetlands, their conservation needs and sustainable management options, through the establishment of a wetland center at the Sebezhsky National Park and the creation and publication of educational and awareness materials.

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Разработка программы сохранения трансграничных водно-болотных угодий, расположенных по границе Российской Федерации с Белоруссией и Украиной

Цель проекта - содействие сохранению и устойчивому использованию ценных водно-болотных угодий, находящихся на границе Российской Федерации с Белоруссией и Украиной

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Promotion of wetland biodiversity conservation in the Moscow region of the Russian Federation through the development of a Regional Strategy and Action Plan for Wetlands Wise Use

The objective is to support the sustainable use of water resources in the Moscow Region by establishing the technical, legal and social conditions for the implementation of an integrated approach to land-use planning based on wetland wise use.

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Study on mires in the Baltic ecoregion

The aim of this project was to provide background information for conserving biodiversity and freshwater quality in the Baltic ecoregion.

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