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Wetland Resource Centre in Malaysia

 To develop a Wetland Resource Centre, managed by Wetlands International Malaysia, where information on wetlands and related topics is easily obtainable for, in the first place, (Malaysian) decision-makers, planners, other NGOs, consultants, scholars and student, and in the second place anyone else who might be in need for such information and so, on the long run well informed decision.

Action Description:

Project objectives 

·        Upgrade from the current catalogue system to library standard system.

·        Modernise the general appearance of the Wetland Resource Centre

·        Build a search-engine, that will be accessible through the internet, for looking up publications.

·        Training staff to manage the Wetland Resource Centre properly.

·        Expand the current content of the Library with, for example, extra subscriptions.


 ·        The library shelves have been rearranged so that the area is bright and is more conducive to users.

·        Books have been classified and catalogued.

·        A new computer has been purchased and the program CDS/ISIS which is a software for information storage and retrieval, has been installed on it. This software was obtained from the National Library. The software allows users to search for books which have been catalogued.

·        With the Resource centre in place, books, journals, periodicals etc will be orderly stored and easier to locate.

·        A wetland staff has been trained to search for the catalogued books.

Action Partners:

Netherlands Embassy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia