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Follow the Bird

The Follow the Bird! project ran from 2008 to 2010 and demonstrated the vital importance of a network of good quality wetlands along migratory bird flyways and the link of these wetlands to the livelihoods of people.

The ambassadors of the project were birds equipped with satellite-transmitters. The migration routes of ten Purple Herons were followed on the Internet at Follow the Bird!

Action Description:

 The innovative aspects of this project were:

(a)    Involvement of a network of volunteers and conservation organisations along the flyway to provide more information on local habitats and threats

(b)   Development of demonstration projects addressing key threats at stop-over or non-breeding (northern wintering) sites

(c)    Public and the corporate sector participation in improving the conditions along the flyway as volunteers or supporters

The Purple Herons were equipped with satellite transmitters in 2008 by Waardenburg B.V and eight others in 2007. The Purple Heron has an unfavourable conservation status in Europe, is a Red List species in the Netherlands and one of the flagship species of the Marshland Habitat Action Plan prepared by Vogelbescherming Nederland / BirdLife Netherlands.

The Inner-Niger Delta in Mali is an important stop-over site for Purple Herons, which successfully cross the Sahara. Unfortunately, large number of these exhausted birds become victim of subsistence hunting and ‘bush meat’ trade. Therefore, with Wetlands International’s experience, alternative livelihood opportunities are developed in the area.

See the migration routes of ten Purple Herons on the Internet at Follow the Bird!

Action Partners:

Vogelbescherming Nederland

Bureau Waardenburg

Donor: Shell

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