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National Wetland Wise Use Survey in Japan

Project of year 2005- 2007. Although the Ramsar Convention has long advocated the “Wise Use” of wetlands, this concept has yet to take root in Japan. Therefore, Wetlands International has embarked on a survey of wetland wise use practices throughout Japan through field studies and interviews.

Action Description:

Nagura Amparu, Ishigaki Island, Okinawa: Mangroves are a playground…and also a classroom.

Corbicula clam (Corbicula japonica) miso soup and goby (family Gobiidae) braised in soy sauce. Teaching the next generation about blessings from wetlands is another form of wise use.



In the year 2005, the result of the survey was compiled as an inventory.


In year 2006, additional surveys were conducted and several workshops were held on the theme. The results were compiled in a DVD for release in 2008.


Finally, in 2007, a symposium on the theme “The Wise Use of Wetlands” took place to present the results of the three-year-research to the public.

Action Partners:

This project was made possible through funding from the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency’s Japan Fund for Global Environment.