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UNFCCC Climate Summit in Cancún (29 Nov.-10 Dec. 2010)

We advocated for solutions that will help to halt the loss of wetlands at the UN Climate conference in Cancún, Mexico (29 November – 11 December 2010) where Parties gathered to achieve next steps on the road to a new climate deal. We campaigned not only to ensure that peatland emissions will be addressed, but also to make sure that projects financed by the Adaptation Fund do not harm wetlands.

Action Description:

Wetlands International is campaigning for solutions that will help to halt the loss of wetlands. One important way to achieve this is to address the enormous amounts of carbon dioxide emissions that are released when peatlands are drained. These amount to about 6% of all global emissions. Wetlands International calls for incentives to protect and restore peatlands under a new climate treaty.

Side event: Reducing peat emissions under REDD

The experts presented their views on how emissions reductions from peatlands can be achieved under REDD. The event also provided insights of the recent developments with regard to methodological guidance for estimating and reporting peat emissions.

Adaptation Financing Needs Strategic Environmental Impact Assessments

Furthermore, Wetlands International is campaigning for solutions that will help to ensure environmental safeguards built into climate change adaptation financing. As part of the critical negotiations held in November and December 2010, discussions on climate change adaptation financing  has moved forward. History was made with the approval of the first project to be funded by the Adaptation Fund. It is urgent that the right environmental impact assessments and safeguards are put in place to reduce the vulnerability of communities and ecosystems. 


Download presentations of the side event:

Peatlands and REDD, Wetlands International

Peatlands and Climate Change in SE Asia, GEC

Removing technical barriers to include tropical peatlands in the REDD+ mechanism - CIFOR

IPCC Expert Meeting on HWP, Wetlands and Soil N2O




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