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Dragonfly study

Dragonfly are interesting insects that resemble minature airplanes and are commonly found in wetland areas. They are sensitive to environmental conditions and this makes them great indicators of ecosystem health. Not much is known about these remarkable creatures as they are very much understudied.

Action Description:

The dragonfly study is actually a spin-off from the Peatfish study which is currently being conducted at the Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve (AHFR) in Johor which is a peatswamp forest in Malaysia. Wetlands International is working with the Johor state government and the Johor Forestry Department to conserve this forest as it is the last remaining peatswamp forest in Johor. While conducting surveys related to peatfish study at the site, our Technical team noted that there are many dragonflies species in the area. This has sparked excitment and interest in our Technical team to make a study of these creatures. (Our Head of Programme & Strategy for Wetlands and Livelihoods from our Headquarters in the Netherlands has also taken some beautiful pictures of dragonflies at this peatswamp forest. He has keen interest in these creatures.) Our team have roped in Dr Choong (a dragonfly expert) from University Kebangsaan Malaysia who will be tagging along with our team on the next visit to site to assist the team to capture and identify dragonfly species found at the site. This information gathered from the dragonfly study and the peatfish study will help strengten our cause for the conservation and rehabilitation of the site.