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Migratory Birds for People programme

The Migratory Birds for People programme consists of more than 16 partner wetland visitor centres across Europe and West Africa, forming a network that follows the flight path of many migratory wetland birds species. These centres are working together to share best practice and develop new approaches to delivering waterbird and wetland messages to their visitors. The lead group consists of the Dutch Staatsbosbeheer, Wetland Link International, and Wetlands International. For more information visit the programme website.

Action Description:

Newsletter, coordination and meetings

Regular newsletters are produced by Roelof Heringa, one of the lead members of the project. They give updates on meetings, project development, and partner news.  We also have a downloadable poster that shows the location of the partners.


Coordination team

Theo de BruinRoelof Heringa, Staatsbosbeheer, NL;  Chris Rostron, WLI, WWT, UK;  Taej Mundkur, Wetlands International, NL; Ellen Hultman, Länsstyrelsen, Sweden; Liesbet Cleynhens, Natuurpunt, Belgium;Abdoulaye Ndiaye, Wetlands International West Africa, Senegal.


Regional partners

There are 12 regional partners in Europe, each of which has committed to having a long term involvement in the programme:

Lake Takern, Sweden.  Contact: Ellen Hultlman
Sweden, Getteröns Naturcentrum.  Contact: 
Linda Eklund 
Hyldevang / Nyord, Denmark.  Contact: 
Soren Hansen, Conservation Officer
Oostvaardersplassen, The Netherlands.  Contact: 
Wenda Kloen
De Blankaart Nature Centre, Natuurpunt, Belgium.  Contact: Sigrid Verhaeghe
WWT Welney, UK.  Contact: 
Chris Rostron
Syndicat Mixte Baie de Somme, France.  Contact: Patrick Triplet  
Camargue Gardoise / le centre du Scamandre, France.  Contact: 
Cécile Mundler
Aiguamolls de l’Emporda Natural Park, Spain.  Contact:Pons Feliu
Parque Regional 
Salinas y Arenales de San Pedro del Pinatar, Spain.  Contact: Ana Belén Martínez Fernández
Nationalpark – Haus Husum, Germany.  Contact: 
Dr. Hans-Ulrich Rösner
Liminghanlati nature centre, Metsahalitus, Finland.  Contact: 
Sari Airas, Project manager 

Baltic Fund for Nature, Russia.  Contact: Eugene Genelt-Yanovsky

There are 3 regional partners in West Africa, each of which has committed to having a long term involvement in the programme:

Chami, Banc D’Arguin, Mauritania
Station biologique du Djoudj, Senegal
Casa Ambiente e Cultura Boloma Bijagós, Guinea Bissau
Wetlands International, West Africa. Contact: Abdoulaye Ndiaye


Action Partners:

 Wetlands Link International, UK

 Staatsbosbeheer, NL

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