Water Management and Conservation in the Ichkeul Basin, Tunisia


The Ichkeul Lake is situated in northern Tunisia and has seven freshwater rivers or oueds as tributaries. Lake Ichkeul is the last of a chain of shallow freshwater lakes, which once extended all along the northern African seaboard. It's a key stop-over site for migratory birds. Dams built around the lake are drastically changing its main characteristics, tuning it into a man-managed wetland.


Our work in Ichkeul Lake

Wetlands International works in Tunisia with local partner INAT, the Institut National Agronomique. Through a local multi-stakeholder water dialogue, the project builds a consensus on best water allocations for sustainable water resources management for the long-term taking into account all water uses, including ecosystem needs.


Transfer of knowledge

Furthermore, scientific knowledge is transferred through informing and training of the different interest groups on the importance of ecosystem functioning and interdependence on the different water users.


Ichkeul lakeside's agricultural land

Fish caught at the dam