Our work in the Río Paz Basin

Wetlands International Latin America & Caribbean is working to support local communities and municipal governments in the participative design of recommendations for the sustainable use, management and restoration of ecosystems in the coastal areas for strengthening of livelihoods. Additionally, lessons learned are to be shared with other important actors in the basin in order to highlight the importance of inter-sectoral and integrated management on the scale of the Rio Paz Basin.

A participative research process has engaged 10 coastal communities (5 per country) for determination of the community capitals. The process is meant to support the revaluation of the communities’ capacities and potential as well as to take stock about the resources available for future implementation of management recommendations. 

In parallel, a characterization of ecosystems and landscapes is carried out in order to establish the conservation status of coastal wetlands, their functions and the relationship of the ecosystem services they provide with the communities participating in the project.  


Location of the Río Paz Basin


Map of the Pacific Coast of Guatemala and El Salvador