Water management for livelihoods in Río Paz, Guatemala & El Salvador

Coastal wetlands in the Pacific Coast of Guatemala and El Salvador exhibit serious degradation problems. At the same time, they require additional study, particularly of the ecological conditions and the close relation between community livelihoods and ecosystem services. 

A severe reduction in ecosystem productivity and the ability for provision of services has been caused by a lack of integrated management of the basin, environmental degradation caused by deforestation and land use changes, and alterations in the hydrological regime have caused . This has significately affected already empoverished natural resource-dependent communities in the coastal areas.  

Our work in the Río Paz Basin

Wetlands International Latin America & Caribbean is working to support local communities and municipal governments in the participative design of recommendations for the sustainable use, management and restoration of ecosystems in the coastal areas for strengthening of livelihoods. Additionally, lessons learned are to be shared with other important actors in the basin in order to highlight the importance of intersectoral and integrated management on the scale of the Rio Paz Basin.