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What are RSS Feeds?

RSS Feeds are automatic updates from a website, which you can have displayed on a webpage of your own, mobile phone or desktop computer. To read RSS Feeds, you need a RSS Reader. If you subscribe to an RSS feed, news, blogs, articles and other content, the RSS Reader will automatically be updated as new material becomes available and display it in a single location for easy viewing.


This RSS document (also called a 'feed', 'web feed', or 'channel') consists of full or summarised text, as well as metadata such as publishing dates and authors. 

How to use RSS Feeds

Step 1. Install a RSS Reader

First, select a RSS Reader and the location. This can be on a website like iGoogle or Google Reader, MyYahoo or NetVibes. On your desktop computer you can install RSS Readers such as FeedDemon (Windows) or NetNewsWire (Mac). On your mobile device there are also many RSS reading utilities e.g. GarnishKernels (Pocket PC, SmartPhone, Palm), Quick News (Palm OS).

Step 2. Subscribe to a RSS Feed

Below, choose the subject you want to be updated on. Click on the  RSS icon next to the chosen topic. A new page will open. Copy the URL (www-address) and paste it into your RSS Reader on your webpage, desktop or mobile device. Give it a name and as soon as a new information is placed on our website belonging to the chosen topic, you will be automatically updated! 

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