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Intercambio de Experiencia para el Buen Manejo y Restauración de Recargas Hídricas

Video sobre el intercambio de experiencia para el buen manejo de cosechas para reducir el impacto a recargas hídricas, tomando el ejemplo del cultivo de maíz y frijol en Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. Un buen manejo de la área de recarga hídrica previene a los deslizamientos en este área. El trabajo es parte de la Alianza por la Resiliencia en Nicaragua.

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Wetlands International Africa 2013 Annual Report

Consecration and recognition can best describe the meaningful achievements during year 2013 by Wetlands International Africa with two major events earmarking life atthe regional office.

Africa Regional Office hosted Wetlands International's Board meeting wich is the first of its kind. Senegal proudly played host to the work sessions of Wetlands International’s governing body and its members who came from each corner of the world.

Wetlands International has developed Senegal’s National Policy for Management of Wetlands. As every year, the Annual Report highlights the work done by Wetlands International through its various countries offices and outlook for the organization whose motto is the restoration and conservation of wetlands in the world.

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Building with Nature Documentary

Indonesian coasts suffer from erosion, caused by sea level rise, mangrove conversion for aquaculture and groundwater extraction. In some places kilometres of land are lost and this will exacerbate with climate change. Hard structures like sea walls are ineffective in mud-coasts, expensive and unable to adapt to climate change. Furthermore, they fail to provide the economic, environmental and social services that healthy ecosystems offer. We combine ecosystem based solutions like mangrove restoration with engineering, called ´Building with Nature´. With this multi-stakeholder approach we build safe coastlines that adapt to sea level rise and simultaneously introduce sustainable land uses for prosperity. We aim to mainstream the Building with Nature approach in coastal management across Indonesia for climate change adaptation and to catalyse change through a large scale implementation in Central Java.

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Socio-economic valuation of the goods and services of the Paraná Delta wetland

When analysing social phenomena from an economic standpoint, resource allocation decisions are one of the aspects that are taken into account. In order to make these, decision makers consider different indicators, such as resource prices. Indicating the value of a resource in monetary terms can help care for it by explicitly establishing the cost of carrying out activities which are incompatible with the conservation or preservation of said resource. The economic valuation of natural ecosystem resources can influence policy decision-making, despite the difficulties inherent in this valuation process. It has been said that one of the reasons for the damage caused to wetlands is that there is no price on many of their functions, which therefore have no economic value for decision makers.

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Wetlands International #WhatsInYourPaper

More than 120 non-profit organizations from around the world have come together to endorse a new Global Paper Vision. 

Join a global conversation that can be an extraordinary opportunity to protect our air, water, forests climate, and communities. Share the hashtag #whatsinyourpaper with your followers, friends, and connections to be a part of the solution and help generate a powerful force for change. Visit to read more.

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