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"Inventry for the Culture and Technology of Wetlands (Draft)"

The result of trial worksheet research on"wetland culture and traditional practices" answerd by stakeholders of wetlands all over Japan.

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Indonesia Programme's Summary 2005-2009

This publication is a 5-year overview of the activities of the Wetlands International Indonesia Programme (WI-IP). Wetlands International Indonesia Programma (WI-IP) is part of the global network of Wetlands International, working at global, regional, national and local levels to achieve the goals of conservation and wise use of wetlands, as a contribution to the realisation of sustainable development. Its mission is:  to sustain and conserve wetlands, including their resources and biodiversity for future generations. To achieve this mission, WI-IP does and will continue to work together with all relevant elements of society and government, including educational institutions, media and the private sector. 

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A Quick Scan of Peatlands in Central and Eastern Europe

A Quick Scan of Peatlands in Central and Eastern Europe reviews the status, conservation and use of peatlands in the countries participating in the BBI-Matra Programme (Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Turkey). Geographically, it covers central and eastern Europe together with the non-European part of the Russian Federation.


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Vision of a new Ramsar regional initiative for Black Sea coastal wetlands (BlackSeaWet vision)

This publication is a background document for a new regional Ramsar initiative, which includes a brief overview of current status of coastal wetlands and main threats to them, legal framework and conservation activities related to coast and coastal wetlands, present mission, vision, key targets and objectives of BlackSeaWet Initiative.

BlackSeaWet vision

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Wetlands of European Russia: Guidebook.

A guidebook on wetlands around Moscow, which serve as popular holiday destinations. The wetland areas described include the Cranes Homeland area, Pskovsko-Chudskaya Lowland, the National Parks of Losiny Ostrov,  Meshchera, Meshchersky, Ugra, Smolenskoye Poozerye and Pleshcheevo Ozero, and the Nature Reserves of Oksky, Polistovsky, Rdeisky and Tsentranlo-Lesnoi.

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Журавлиная родина. Заказник (Crane Homeland Nature Reserve)

Брошюра посвящена заказнику "Журавлиная родина", особо охраняемой природной территории на севере Московской области. Издана в рамках проекта по сохранению водно-болотных угодий Московского региона. This brochure (in Russian) addresses the Dubna Mire or Crane Homeland nature reserve in the Moscow region in Russia.



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Водно-болотные угодья Московской области: природные, экономические и историко-культурные аспекты (Wetlands in the Moscow Region: natural, economic, historical and cultural aspects)

Публикация подготовлена в рамках проекта "Содействие сохранению биоразнообразия водно-болотных угодий Московской области" по результатам работ по инвентаризации водно-болотных угодий региона и оценке их современного состояния.

This publication (in Russian) represents the results of wetland inventory and evaluation activities carried out under the Wetlands International’s Project on Promotion of wetland biodiversity conservation in the Moscow Region of the Russian Federation through the development of a Regional Strategy and Action Plan for Wetland Wise Use.

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Suggestions pour la version préliminaire des Résolutions pour la COP 10 de la Convention Ramsar sur les zones humides

Dans ce document , nous soulignons nos recommendations pour les Résolutions de la Convention Ramsar COP 10 en République de Corée qui a lieu du 28 Octobre au 4 Novembre 2008.

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Inventory of Bulgarian wetlands and their biodiversity

An inventory of Bulgarian wetlands and their biodiversity

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