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The Marshlands of Southern Iraq

This report is the result of a comparative analysis of the Marshlands of Southern Iraq to six other wetlands in the world. The study was carried out as input for the nomination process of the Marshlands of Southern Iraq as a World Heritage Site. 

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Inventario de los humedales de Argentina

El Corredor Fluvial Paraná-Paraguay constituye el principal co­lector de las aguas superficiales de la Cuenca del Plata, des­tacándose por presentar grandes extensiones de humedales, que se caracterizan por el régimen de pulsos con fases de inundación y sequía. Sus flujos de agua integran regiones con distinta historia geológica, ecológica y cultural, funcionando como corredor térmico, geoquímico, biogeográfico, de trans­porte humano y de diferentes modalidades de vida. Estos humedales albergan una excepcional biodiversidad y brindan importantes bienes y servicios a la sociedad.

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Wetlands of International Importance in Russia / Водно-болотные угодья России, имеющие международное значение

 This book contains basic information on the 35 wetland sites designated by the Government of the Russian Federation for the List of Wetlands of International Importance under the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971).

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33 Examples of the Cultures and Technologies of Wetlands in Japan

This booklet is aimed for facilitating greater dialogue on the relationship between wetlands and people that will lead to the conservation and restoration of wetlands, community revitalization, capacity development and international exchange in Asia and in the world. It was published in “Inventory of Cultures and Technologies of Wetlands” project (2008-2011), which was funded by the Japan Fund for Global Environment of the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency. Original Japanese version is available.

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Трансграничные водно-болотные угодья России и Украины в долинах рек Десна и Снов / Под ред. Ю.П. Федотова. – Брянск, 2010. 84с. (Transboundary Russian-Ukrainian Wetlands in the Desna and Snov River Valleys. 2010. Yu.P.Fedotov, ed. - Bryansk. 84 pp.)

The book addresses the issues of transboundary wetland conservation and migrating water bird studies in the Desna River floodplains. The book contains the description of physical features of the border areas between the Bryansk (Russia) and the Sumy and Chernigiv (Ukraine) Regions; major wetland types, rare and endangered species occurred in this transboundary region; and existing and proposed protected nature areas. Information on the most important wetland sites is presented in the Ramsar Convention format. Results of waterbird counting activities carried out in 2004 and 2010 are discussed in four articles.







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"Inventry for the Culture and Technology of Wetlands (Draft)"

The result of trial worksheet research on"wetland culture and traditional practices" answerd by stakeholders of wetlands all over Japan.

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Indonesia Programme's Summary 2005-2009

This publication is a 5-year overview of the activities of the Wetlands International Indonesia Programme (WI-IP). Wetlands International Indonesia Programma (WI-IP) is part of the global network of Wetlands International, working at global, regional, national and local levels to achieve the goals of conservation and wise use of wetlands, as a contribution to the realisation of sustainable development. Its mission is:  to sustain and conserve wetlands, including their resources and biodiversity for future generations. To achieve this mission, WI-IP does and will continue to work together with all relevant elements of society and government, including educational institutions, media and the private sector. 

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A Quick Scan of Peatlands in Central and Eastern Europe

A Quick Scan of Peatlands in Central and Eastern Europe reviews the status, conservation and use of peatlands in the countries participating in the BBI-Matra Programme (Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Turkey). Geographically, it covers central and eastern Europe together with the non-European part of the Russian Federation.


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Vision of a new Ramsar regional initiative for Black Sea coastal wetlands (BlackSeaWet vision)

This publication is a background document for a new regional Ramsar initiative, which includes a brief overview of current status of coastal wetlands and main threats to them, legal framework and conservation activities related to coast and coastal wetlands, present mission, vision, key targets and objectives of BlackSeaWet Initiative.

BlackSeaWet vision

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Wetlands of European Russia: Guidebook.

A guidebook on wetlands around Moscow, which serve as popular holiday destinations. The wetland areas described include the Cranes Homeland area, Pskovsko-Chudskaya Lowland, the National Parks of Losiny Ostrov,  Meshchera, Meshchersky, Ugra, Smolenskoye Poozerye and Pleshcheevo Ozero, and the Nature Reserves of Oksky, Polistovsky, Rdeisky and Tsentranlo-Lesnoi.

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